2017 2.4mr North Americans wrap up

2.4 mR Open North Americans wrap up by Dee Smith

Pointe Claire, Canada
In early August, Joc, Sully and I headed out of dodge on a road trip to an area we have never been to before.   With a little extra time on our hands, we  were able to take our time to drive North through the beautiful States of PA and NY.  It was a good time to get out of the Annapolis heat and go sail the little boat again, against some very good competition in Canada for the first time.

We crossed the St. Lawrence River and slipped into Canada  and headed towards the Pointe Claire YC, our home Club for the next week of racing.  I can’t thank the members and their staff of this little Club enough as everyone was just so welcoming and helpful.

We were a day earlier than most, and were able to unpack the boat, find our hotel and relax after our long drive. The next day we headed East about 12 miles to Montreal.
What a great City! Tres French and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves wandering around the wonderful architecture of Old Town, and eating delicious French food. I do believe this day was our windiest day of the whole week.

Everyone else showed up over the next couple of days and we were all busy setting up our riggs and prepping.  Then the waiting started.  There was no wind for 3 days, 1 Practice day and 2 racing days. The only practice was putting the boats in and out of the water…  This was a drag as I have never sailed there before, and was hoping to have some local knowledge by now. The area we were sailing in was called Lake St Louis, but it was really a wide part of the St Lawrence River, with plenty of current, wind shears and things that were very hard to pick up on the 2.4mR.
The breeze finally arrived for the last day of the Regatta.  With no start after 2:00 pm, it was a challenge to get the 4 races scheduled in.  The PRO, Madeleine Palfreeman did a great job managing the shifts, as there were many, and ultimately get the 4 races in the time allotted.
The forecast was for the wind to blow from 8-13.  I was a little nervous using my new, untested, light Quantum Main, but decided on using it along with my medium Jib.  As luck would have it the 1st race was lighter than expected, and I had to make do with what I had on board.  I even thought  about going back in, but did not think there was enough time for a sail change.  This race was to be my problem race, finishing 7th, and put me well behind the competitive boats.   To be honest it was not the sails that put me behind but my tactics.  My initial inclination was the right side would be favored upwind because of less current.  On the 2nd beat the wind went 25 degrees left and I completely missed that shift.
I was even more nervous going into the 2nd race, but I was lucky enough that the wind filled in to 13-14 knots which was the sweet spot for my sails and I ultimately took off.  I was really beginning to enjoy sailing my new boat.  I played the right and rounded 2nd on the 1st beat.  Gybed 1st to lead at the leeward mark and sailed away upwind.  At the finish, the fleet was very mixed up and I was fortunate enough to be back up to 2nd place.  Here we go!

The next race, I played the right side again, with a great start, I just did not play it far enough.  Darell Suderman played it perfectly, hitting the lay line with a big right shift.  I still rounded 2nd and the competition was on with Allan Leibel just behind me. On the 2nd beat it all happened.  The right was favored but the wind was still oscillating.  Darell did go too far this time.  Allan grabbed the lead 1/2 way up the beat on a good left shift.  I was trying to play the shifts and not the boats to get very close to Allan while we were approaching the last windward mark.  The last 2 tacks made the difference to give me the inside as we rounded overlapped.  This is when my new Quantum main paid for itself. I gained enough on Allan down the run to have an easy win.  I was not so nervous, now.
Darell and Allan were the 2 top Canadian sailors I knew I had to beat.  They sail so well and are tough in any condition.  I was not sure what the points were going into the last race, sailing a series without throw outs, I knew I was in ok shape, but I had no reason to let up just yet.  A nice conservative race watching Allan and Darell would be the way to go.  I had another good start on the right side of the line and off we all went.  Allan got the lead that I could not cut into.  Darell got stuck on the line.  I followed Allan around the course happy to take a 2nd and I was hopeful I had few enough points to win. It was not till I got to shore that I knew I had it in the bag for the 2nd time.
I think I speak for everyone that we were very pleased with Madeleine’s race management. Getting 4 races off within the time limit on the very last day of racing, was not easy on such a shifty day. The Pointe-Claire YC really put on a great event for the Open North Americans.  Everyone had a great time on and off the water.  Joc, Sully and I are very much looking forward to returning to this area  and hope to soon.
Thanks once again Alain Dubuc.

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2017 Clagett Regatta Wrap up


NEWPORT, R.I. (June 25, 2017) –  Another successful year for the C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta wrapped up today in Newport, RI.  Fifteen years ago five boats sailed in the inaugural Clagett and over the last three days of competition, twenty one boats have taken part in the clinic day and raced the 10 races.Sailors from Rhode Island, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut, Indiana, New York, Massachusetts andCanada have enjoyed a variety of challenging conditions while racing on Narragansett Bay.  The three Sonars and 18 2.4mR’s had three races on the final day, after waiting ashore under the postponement flag until the breeze started to build from the South West.Rhode Islander Ben Hall took home first in all three of the races for the 2.4mR class and finished in the top 10 overall for the regatta.  Hall, from Bristol RI, commented after racing, ” This is my first Clagett regatta and learned a lot from sailing the boat (the 2.4mR) in the MetreFest recently.  I was sailing in a borrowed boat so I didn’t want to crash so I got out in front to avoid anyone.”Canadian Paul Tingley won the top prize in the larger of the two fleets, the 2.4mR’s.  Tingley, who is no stranger to the Clagett or the 2.4mR boat, won a Bronze medal in Rio at the 2016 Paralympic Games in the Sonar and decided to come to the 15th Clagett and race the 2.4mR this year.  In the 2008 Paralympics he won the Gold medal in the 2.4mR and has represented Canada at five Paralympic Games.”I love coming to The Clagett and plan on being here racing for many more years to come.  It is the tightest racing has ever been and I had to make every race count.  I’d like to thank Ben Hall for not being here the first day of racing,” said Tingley after the awards ceremony today.Racing at her first ever Clagett regatta in the 2.4mR was Barbara Galinska, from Chicago.  She started sailing the boat in November, prior to that she has steered a Freedom and Sonar out of the Judd Goldman program.  “It was the hardest thing I have ever done and I am hoping to do again very soon,” she remarked after racing wrapped up today.In the Sonar class the three teams left everything on the race course with very close racing and finishes for the entire 10 race series.  After taking home the gold podium place in the Sonar class the team from Y-Knot Sailing, from Lake George,NY couldn’t have been happier with their results. Spencer Raggio, who is mainsheet trimmer on the Y-Knot Sonar commented, “If it wasn’t for the Clagett and the Clagett Boat Grant Program we wouldn’t be here.  The help from everyone to get the Sip and Puff steering system operational has been amazing and to have Dave steer the last two days with the system has been fantastic.  We have had great competition from the other Sonars with really close racing and finishes.  We’d also like to thank Mike Ingham, for his coaching over the last four days, it really helped raise everyone’s game.”Closing the regatta for the 15th year, Clagett President and Co-Founder, Judy McLennan commented, ” We’ve had another successful year and I am thrilled that we have had the chance to have 18 2.4mR sailors on a Clagett start line.  We will be working with the 2.4mR class on expanding the presence through the Clagett Boat Grant Program and we expect to see the 2.4mR as a class at the 2024 Paralympic Games.  We are looking forward to being back in Oyster Bay at OakcliffSailing Center in August with the Clagett/Oakcliff Match Racing Regatta and being able to provide the opportunity for sailors to increase their match racing skills which they can then use in fleet racing.  We’ll see you all back in Newport next June for the 16th Clagett.”The dates for the 2018 Clagett were announced with registration being held on June 20, the clinic June 21 and the regatta June 22-24 and will be held at Sail Newport, located in Fort Adams State Park, Newport, RI.
Information is Final

Principal Race Officer: Tom Duggan
Jury Chair: Timothea Larr
ivision: 2.4mR (18 boats)

Pos Sail Skipper/Club 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total
1 CAN 99 Tingley, Paul/ Halifax, Nova Scotia 2 [8] 3 5 3 3 3 2 3 2 26.00
2 USA 3 Pocklington, Tony/ Ft. Myers, FL 6 [9] 2 1 1 2 1 4 9 4 30.00
3 USA 175 Green II, Ted/ N. Kingston, RI 1 1 1 6 [8] 8 4 7 2 7 37.00
4 USA 142 Rosenfield, Charlie/ Woodstock, CT 5 2 4 3 6 6 7 3 6 [9] 42.00
5 USA 165 Evans, Dan/ St. Petersburg, FL 7 3 5 7 4 5 [19/DSQ] 6 5 3 45.00
6 CAN 14 Wood, Peter/ Ottawa, Ontario [11] 4 7 2 7 4 5 9 4 5 47.00
7 CAN 22 Eagar, Peter/ Toronto, Ontario 4 5 6 4 5 7 [19/DSQ] 12 10 6 59.00
8 USA 1 Hall, Ben/ Bristol. RI [19/DNC] 19/DNC 19/DNC 19/DNC 2 1 2 1 1 1 65.00
9 USA 118 Ripley, Tim/ Randolph, NJ 3 10 [19/RET] 9 10 9 10 5 7 8 71.00
10 CAN 1 DuBuc, Alain/ Montreal, Quebec 12 6 13 [19/DNS] 9 14 8 8 8 12 90.00
11 CAN 12 Lavallee, Christine/ Gatineau, Quebec 13 7 9 8 [14] 12 9 13 11 10 92.00
12 CAN 88 Wong Sing, Aaron/ Ottawa, Ontario 8 [15] 10 10 11 11 6 15 12 11 94.00
13 CAN 56 Dionne, Serge/ Ottawa, Ontario 10 12 11 12 12 13 11 16 [19/DNF] 15 112.00
14 CAN 18 Kobayashi, Audrey/ Kingston, Ontario 9 13 8 11 17 [19/RET] 19/DNS 10 14 13 114.00
15 CAN 19 MacDonald, Siobhan/ Mabou, Nova Scotia 15 14 [19/DSQ] 19/DNS 13 10 19/DNF 11 13 14 128.00
16 USA 172 Dorsett, Julia/ Kennett Square, PA 14 11 12 [19/DNF] 15 15 19/OCS 14 19/DNF 16 135.00
17 USA 114 Galinska, Barbara/ Chicago, IL 16 16 [19/DNF] 13 16 17 13 17 15 19/DNF 142.00
18 USA 180 Whitmer, Carol/ Marlborough, CT [19/DNC] 19/DNC 19/DNC 19/DNC 19/DNC 16 12 19/DNC 19/DNC 19/DNC 161.00