This weekend in Marblehead we introduced two newbies to the 2.4 meter. Richard G W Boardman and Ric Dexter sailed today with Maureen McKinnon. Sergey Yedrikov, and Doug Trees.
They sailed 5 races and had fun
Yesterday we sailed 5 strong Doug Trees, Sergey, along with Shan McAdoo, John Pratt and Kathy Ryan Breslin. In addition to some great sailing we were visited by some whales who seem interested in joining the fleet.
We are still learning, but the fleet is closing ranks and having fun.

Here is a link to our Google photo album

Thanks to Kathy Whitehair and Dana McT for doing RC.
We are sailing Saturdays and Sundays till Labor Day. If you want to try sailing a 2.4 meter, get in touch.

Marblehead Fleet

The Marblehead fleet finally got out on the water this past weekend (July 18, 19). We have two very different types of sailing for our 5 identical Gavia 2.4 meters.

On Saturdays, we do clinic style short Windward Leeward courses using a government park as the upwind mark. We got 5 races in for our fleet of 5 boats and had 3 different race winners. Thanks to Doug Trees all of the boats are identical and have fresh sails. As this was the first day on the water minor issues forced us to quit after 5 races, all items were easily fixed.

Sunday brought a single around the buoys race started off of the deck of the Corinthian Yacht Club. We had 3 boats on the line, and even with starting behind the Town Classs, we caught a couple of them.

Thanks to Doug Trees for putting the fleet together, Kathy McAdoo Whitehair for awesome one-woman RC and to our sailors.

New sailors included Rick Saunders and Teddy Hitchcock, joining veterans Maureen McKinnon and Sergey Yedrikov.

Here is a link to some great pics

We hope you will join us on the water. We have boats and will find a way to get you sailing.