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Unofficial Notice – CanAm Series

Unofficial Notice – CanAm Series

Even in the era of Covid The good folks at Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club (CHYC) are planning a winter sailing series.

They have “tilted” the series to as late in the season as possible to increase the chances of border openings and maximize attendence. There will be the usual 5 event series and our hosts will allow us to store boats for the duration of the series. The official Notice of Race is being crafted now, but we wanted publicize the plans as soon as possible to give people the chance to plan.  Here is the current unofficial schedule:

  • Jan 25-26, 2021      CanAm # 1
  • Jan 28-30, 2021      CanAm # 2 (US Nationals)
  • Feb 20-21, 2021      CanAm # 3
  • Mar 28-30, 2021      CanAm # 4
  • Apr 1-3, 2020          CanAm # 5

Please look for the official Notice of Race. We hope to see you in Port Charlotte  This winter.