Postcards from the Worlds in Finland

Last week 64 Boats competed for the International 2.4 Meter World Championship in Tampere Finland. The fleet sailed 10 races with 2 throw outs.
There were 6 North American sailors in Tampere for the event in including Jackie Gay, Tony Pocklington, Julio Reguero, John Seepe, Colin Smith and Rudy Trejo.
Here are some quick thoughts from some of the competitors:
Tony Pocklington
” This was a  wonderful time. Established 125 years ago, Nasijarvi sailing club did a great job with the event. Racing, food, and the beer fridge were spot on. The sailing was very competitive throughout the fleet. I was racing a new NMKIII OD 2.4mr Charger, delivered to me at the event. The boat was fantastic, unfortunately my sailing was not. I’ll be leaving the boat here in Europe, already looking forward to the 2024 2.4mr Open World Championships in Germany. “
John Seepe
Fabulous opportunity to sail against 60 other boats.    There was a lot of fun and action with no lost time racing due to winds so everyone got 2 throughouts and 10 races.    Old sailors, young sailors, amateurs, professionals, able-bodied, and handicapped all mixed together with a ton of them really competitive but very friendly.    Water wasn’t too cold but everyone was wearing drysuits.    The area and lake were strikingly beautiful.    Club was great with lots of room for trailers, cars, and camping vans.    Great having 4 sailors from the USA Class there.     We will be attending next year’s in Kiel Germany!
Colin Smith
“The support and hospitality from the hosts was outstanding. Rickard, Marko and Nico with others went above and beyond in prepping boats and making repairs. Virtually all of the racing was in heavier air with a short steep chop.”
Rudy Trejo
“Was a great sailing venue. Big learning curve. Always fun meeting new friends and old. Unfortunately I’m hooked and plan to be in Germany next year.”